A while back, my teacher asked me to use 丰富多彩 ("richly colorful") in a sentence, but it wasn't received particularly well. The relevant part in my writing was


and she said 各种颜色 was more appropriate here. (And it should be 的 instead of 地.) I'm still quite uncomfortable with this term, particularly since it's an idiom. I'm confused about both when it's suitable to use, and the surrounding grammar patterns.

Question: What kinds of things can be described as 丰富多彩, and how do I describe them?

My impression from examples online is this it's not to be used to literally mean colorful:

... 让我的生活丰富多彩
... 我会设计丰富多彩,形式多样的活动 ...

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丰富多彩 is a combination of "丰富" (rich) and "多姿多彩" (colorful)

丰富 is mainly used for describing something with rich substance or contents; 多姿多彩 is mainly used for describing something "colorful: entertaining; enjoyable"

Things that you can describe as 丰富多彩 (rich and colorful) including:

文笔,画功,剧情,生活,节目,故事 (Writing, drawing, plot, life, show, story) -- All these terms involve substance and enjoyment

文笔丰富多彩 (rich and colorful writing) - your writings is rich in substance and have a lot of flair

画功丰富多彩 (rich and colorful drawing) - your drawings have a lot of contents and vibrant

剧情丰富多彩 (rich and colorful movies plot)- the plot of the movies is full of substance and entertaining

To be honest, I rather say 剧情丰富,多姿多彩 to make the whole sentence idiomatic

丰富 (rich) can be used literally (abundant) or figuratively (rich)

多姿多彩 (colorful) is mostly used figuratively


丰富多彩 is never used in its literal sense. Always figurative. It describes richness, diversity, colourfulness and etc. E.g 我们的生活丰富多彩。春节联欢晚会的节目丰富多彩。

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