the other one is '靠近方便, 贴近文明', both of which have different versions of English translations, most of them, though, suck. they go like:

One small step forward One giant leap toward civilization

A small step for man, A giant leap for mankind

Near the civilization Near the wall

close to civilization, Near to convenience

enter image description here

Are there any ones you guys find suitable and making sense to a western people?

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The quote from your title:


which literally translated to: "One small step forward, (is a) big step for civilization"

Is kind of a paraphrase of Neil Armstrong's "One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind" which translates, according to Wikiquote, to:


However, as mentioned above, this is a euphemistic way of asking people to get closer to the urinals in order to keep the floor dry and clean.


向前一小步, 文明一大步。
靠近方便, 贴近文明。

What they both want to say is: Please pee in the urinal, not on the floor.

They just say it in a very discreet Chinese way.

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