Like for school my teacher gave us an example 看足球赛的学生. And she wanted us to do that format. Such as the music I like or students who are doing homework at school So is it the thing the subject is doing 的 and then the subject.

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看足球赛 is a complete sentence

Adding adjective marker "的" after a sentence or phrase turn it into an adjectival phrase.

Adjectival phrase describes the noun that follows.

[Simple phrase]: 看足球赛 = watch football match

[Adjectival phrase]: 看足球赛(的) = (those who) watch football matches

[Adjectival phrase with subject]: 看足球赛(的)学生 = (those/ the) students (who) watch football matches

Since 看足球赛的 is an adjective, you can follow the grammar structure of [subject + is + adjective] and write "那些学生 是 看足球赛的" (those students are the ones who watch football matches)

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