I just encountered in the HSK4 book 一份工作 while I'm accustomed to 一家工作. Judging from Baidu (一份工作; 一家工作), both are grammatically correct and widely used.

I am unsure if they're different or not. My guess in this case is that they're the same, but sometimes the measure word changes the meaning.

Question: What's the difference between 一份工作 and 一家工作?

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The correct measure word for 工作 is 份, so 一份工作 is correct.

一家工作 you linked in is shorthand for 一家公司工作. In spoken, you might hear one say 我在这一家工作了很久 == 我在这一家公司/单位工作了很久.

  • 一份 is a proper classifier for 工作

  • 一份工作 is grammatical

  • 一家 is a proper classifier for 公司

  • 一家工作 is not grammatical , 一家公司 is

The examples you found about 一家工作 are mostly out of context

  • [(在同一家)(工作)] = [(work at) (the same place)] - 一家 is a classifier for an establishment that employ people, e.g. 一家公司, 一家工厂 or 一家出版社 which is omitted

  • [(创立)(一家)(工作时间自由的公司)] = [(establish) (a) (company that has flexible work hours)] - 一家 is a proper classifier for 公司, not 工作

  • [(我)(上一家)(工作过的公司)] = [(the last) (company I've worked for)] - 一家 is a proper classifier for 公司, not 工作

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