In the song《掐死大象的蚂蚁》by Bridge and 二毛 there's a bar by twenty-cents(?) that goes:


The part that is tripping me up is: 和尚撞了道士. Most search results online for 和尚撞了道士 just come back to the lyrics for this song.

Any ideas?


First off: this is a Sichuanese song.

Let's start with something you'll recognize:

Q: 怎么办?
A: 凉拌!

In Sichuanese this is called: 展嘴巴劲 or 扳嘴巴劲 or 展牙巴劲. That is relevant because this is a form of Sichuanese 展嘴巴劲. It goes a little something like this:

A: 有事
B: 和尚赶道士

It is something that is said when someone thinks that you are coming up with a pretext or an excuse to be busy rather that actually having anything to do.

There also seems to be quite a few variants on the phrase. Obviously from the question we have: 和尚撞了道士. A more common variant is 和尚赶道士. Online you can also find examples of: 和尚做道士 and 和尚撵道士.

There are a bunch of these in Sichuanese:

  • 开腔嘛——开腔<枪>打死人
  • 负责——负他妈的床坝箦
  • 赔——我陪你坐
  • 真的——煮的哟
  • 看嘛<马>——看牛哦
  • 不敢<赶>——过吆
  • 好久<酒>——没得好菜
  • 长——往土坝里长
  • 结婚——脑壳昏
  • 花——眼睛花
  • 钱——夹火钳
  • 等于是——二加二等于四
  • 啥子——帕子,帕子搭到脸上
  • 没关系——没川戏,没川戏看电影嘛

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