I've started reading 活着 which is supposedly a good book for new readers. However, I'm having trouble understanding this part on page 7 (my translation). [Warning: it's about poop.]

My father goes to the city, where city-folk meet him and call him "Mister". My father is a very esteemed person, but when he poops he's just like a poor person. He does not like to poop in the toilet in his room. Like livestock, he likes to go into the wilderness to poop.

... 每天到了傍晚的时候,我爹打着饱嗝,那声响和青蛙叫唤差不多,走出屋去,慢吞吞地朝村口的粪缸走去。

Every day at dusk, my father [eats a lot and burps (??)], and it sounds like a frog's croak. Leaving his room, he goes very slowly towards village entrance manure vat.

After reaching the manure vat, he [dislike vat dirtiness (??)], raises his foot, steps over and [crouches on top of it (??)]. My dad is elderly, and his poop is also old, and it doesn't come out easily. At that time, our family members can all hear him at the village entrance shout "ao ao".

Question: What does 打着饱嗝 and 嫌缸沿脏 and 踩上去蹲在上面 mean?

I translated 村口 to "village entrance", but I'm not so sure about that too.

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    Curious to know why you were told 活着 is good for new reader. It might be hard to understand some local usage of words. :)
    – sylvia
    Nov 25, 2019 at 22:22
  • I’ve seen a few recommendations for this book online; it’s the one that’s most commonly recommended. I also used some web app to determine how much <=HSK4 material is in it, so it should be reasonable.
    – Becky 李蓓
    Nov 26, 2019 at 1:29

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打饱嗝 = let out a (after full meal) belch

打着饱嗝 = letting out a (after full meal) belch


嫌 = dislike

缸沿 = edge of the (opening of) crock

脏 = dirty

嫌缸沿脏 = disgusted by the edge of the opening of the crock being dirty


踩上去 = step upon

蹲在上面 = crouch on top of

踩上去蹲在上面 = step upon and crouch on top of

He was disgusted by the edge of the crock opening being dirty, didn't want to sit on it, so he stepped upon the edge of the crock and crouched on top of it (to take a dump)

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