A girl asked me to help translate her introduction. I'm wondering, what is implied by 《三打白骨精》? Is this phrase used as an allegory or metaphor?

Journey to the West must be a childhood memory for all of us,
The scene "Three blows to the White Bone Spirit" is perhaps one of the most classic scenes in the book,
today, in comedy form, we will make this scene reappear on stage,
please enjoy the following play "Three blows to the White Bone Spirit."


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I don't believe there's any special implication. I bet it's just a fun story to watch, as it involves a beautiful female demon(妖精) trying to eat the monk(唐僧)'s meat to achieve immortality.

However, 白骨精 does have a modern interpretation which is short for 白领 + 骨干 + 精英, which is not related to this, but does (usually) refer to beautiful women, who are white collar elite worker, with high level education and income. Refer to definition here: Baidu

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