A few years ago when I first started learning Mandarin, a friend told me of a certain idiom that's used when you want someone to just leave you alone / go away. I can't recall the idiom in Mandarin but in English it loosely translates to, "I fart you away."

Can someone please provide this idiom and if that's the proper context to use it?

  • Are you looking for a rude word? Or a kind one?
    – dan
    Dec 11, 2019 at 23:55
  • @dan Maybe in between? I think you would be comfortable saying it to a friend and they wouldn't be offended, but probably wouldn't say it to a complete stranger.
    – user23258
    Dec 12, 2019 at 3:10
  • 别在我跟前逼逼 means 走开. but i don't think it's idiom. Any word you remember?
    – sylvia
    Dec 12, 2019 at 4:47
  • Obligatory Monty Python quote: I fart In your general direction!.
    – Becky 李蓓
    Dec 12, 2019 at 5:02

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I guess it is "滚开". That's a insulting idiom.


Just a guess from your description,


  • 'I' fart 'you', not 'you' fart 'me'. Hehe :)
    – dan
    Dec 12, 2019 at 2:37
  • All right, so is it about , and how many characters there (is it 4, or more). @dan
    – Shaw
    Dec 12, 2019 at 19:36
  • I don't know. I'm not the one who asked the question. :)
    – dan
    Dec 13, 2019 at 0:37
  • aha, wrong at, sorry then.
    – Shaw
    Dec 13, 2019 at 0:59


"Get lost" is "滚开" or "滚蛋" but it is not an idiom, just a slang

If you want an idiom that contains "fart" and meaning of "go away", “屁滾尿流” is the only possible one.

“屁滾尿流” means “farting and pissing uncontrollably (mostly while running away)” It is a metaphor for “in extreme fear”


殺得敵人屁滾尿流地逃走 (beating the enemy so bad that they wet themselves while running away)

  • 3
    OP is looking for "a certain idiom that's used when you want someone to just leave you alone". 屁滾尿流 has nothing to do with it.
    – dan
    Dec 11, 2019 at 23:57

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