I just want to say "a webpage", and the two natural options are


It's not hard to find examples of both:


It seems natural to use the measure word 张 in conjunction with 页 (page), but the situation might be different with a 网页 (webpage), so I guess I should go with 个.

It's also possible there's a distinction I'm unaware of. It's also possible there's another, more suitable measure word I'm unaware of.

Question: Which is the better choice of measure word, and why?

What I'm trying to write is:

For example, one webpage suggests...

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A "web page" (网页) is not actually a sheet of paper but a section of a web site (网站).

On any 'web page' of a site, you can access all other pages within the site, therefore 个 is the correct classifier for 网页

However, if you print a web page, you'd get "a web page print out" (一张网页的打印输出)

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