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Basically, it's a seal on a teapot, I'm wondering if it's legit in any way. The characters should be something like 'name+surname crafter'

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    These are quite modern Chinese characters. We expect an attempt at deciphering writing in the question. Please try this guide (How do I self-answer "What does this say?") then edit the question with your attempt. – dROOOze Dec 29 '19 at 9:03
  • With the "registered" character clearly visible and that the characters are in Simplified Chinese. It could be very likely that this wouldn't contain any "name+surname crafter". I would think it only contained the company name. – Daniel Cheung Jan 28 at 15:19

The top is 中国宜兴 the rest are unrecognizable.
The bottom is 徐汉棠制陶

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    Only one character is not visible. “中國宜興紫X工藝”, X is probably 砂. – dROOOze Dec 29 '19 at 11:51
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    @dROOOze I think there might be one more character after 藝, because of the layout. There does seem to be something. It could be the simplified 廠. – Daniel Cheung Jan 28 at 15:21
  • @DanielCheung you're right, I missed that... – dROOOze Jan 28 at 15:21
  • Located in Wuxi City(无锡市), Jiangsu Province(江苏省), Yixing(宜兴) is the most famous producer of purple sand(紫砂) in China, especially the purple sand teapot. Xu Hantang(徐汉棠) is a famous master on purple sand art. – T-Pioneer Jul 27 at 0:49

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