In next extract from a text while reserving a hotel room there are some final 的.

1: 请问你们旅馆有没有免费接送服务?
2: 有。请问你们星期三几天到?
1: 早上六点40分到达海南国际机场。
2: 好,到时候会有人接机。先星期三见。

In the last ..example 到时候会有人接机 II have seen in the next grammar point that is a modal particle used preferably with 会。


But what about the simple 有 and 好. ¿what grammar refers to this two cases?. I cannot find any.

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in 有的 and 好的, 的 is just a modal particle also. It is Ok if you omit 的.

another example: 可以的=可以

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