Both 感情 (gǎnqíng) and 情感 (qínggǎn) are nouns that mean "emotion". Some examples:

These complex emotions cause Ella to think of her own husband.

Finally, these kinds of emotions [are] no longer inhibiting.

I can't see a difference. I found a Baidu Zhidao article which I translate below, which asserts there is a difference, but it didn't help me understand what the difference is. Ideally, it would be nice to have concrete examples which identify the difference.

Question: What examples highlight the difference between 感情 and 情感?

From 感情和情感有区别吗?


There's a difference.


情感 is the entirety of 态度 ("attitude"), inside it and 态度 we feel and incline to have coordinated consistency. It's 态度 physiology's comparatively complicated and stable physiological evaluation and self-experience. 情感 includes feelings of virtue and value; concrete expressions of romance, happiness, hatred, loathing, sense of beauty, and so on.


While 感情, is a person's internal kind of 感情, thoughts and behaviors in a composite mental and physiological state. It's the external world which provokes and give rise to mental reaction, as well as incidental physiological reactions. For example, like, anger, sorry, happiness. 感情 is a personal subjective experience and sense, commonly related with mood, temperament, disposition, and nature.

In my mind, that's a lot of words, and very little clarity. (And it's also just "some random person on the Internet said so", which is unreliable.)

  • Dictionary from Ministry of Education in Taiwan(traditional Chinese): 感情 情感. Please note that some of usages are archaic and seldom used by people now.
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I think 感情 usually means the emotion between you and someone or something. For example: 我和他是十多年的老朋友了,我们的感情很深。 你和她有感情吗? 我对祖国有着深厚的感情。

While 情感 is a broader concept. 悲伤、仇恨、惋惜多种情感交织在一起,让她的心情久久不能平静。


百度知道 answers it very well.

If you still have a hard time understanding it, you can simply take it that 感情 is bearing an affection for something and 情感 is your emotional(情) feelings(感) such as love, hatred, sadness, anger, etc.

E.g. 我对她是有感情的 // I bear an affection for her.

爱恨交织在一起的情感 // 爱 and 恨 are two kinds of 情感, which are twisted together.


My explanation:-

感情 are the deep person-to-person emotions felt and conveyed between two or more persons. Like the love and affections between a man and a woman, a parent and child, two intimate friends. In other words emotional sentiments between people at a personal level. And could often be conveyed by "I love / miss you"

情感 while describing emotional states in general, nevertheless extends to encompass other wider, general emotional states like sympathy, empathy, charity, sadness, friendship, (perhaps even including the so-called Stockholm Syndrome); And could be conveyed by "I am sorry for your loss"; "You are in my prayers"



Their feelings of close friendship gradually changed to deep love.




  • 复杂的情感郁结于胸,久不能息。丈夫又彻夜不归,他究竟是忙于工作吗?会不会另有新欢?不,他向来是爱自己的,决不可能犯错。于是又不免担心起来,他是不是应酬醉酒,露宿街头了?


  • 猜疑、自宽又不免担忧,丈夫夜不归宿使她心头郁结着复杂的情感。


  • 最后这种感情再也压抑不住。他展幅挥毫,恣意将心中对祖国的热爱图画在案上的壮丽山河之中。


  • 我与他是感情深厚的老友了。

  • 夫妻之间感情和睦。

P.S. 百度知道 is often inaccurate even misleading, because now few people use it, and thus it lacks voting and editing.



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