I need to have three separate sets of flashcards.

For learning Chinese, I need: Chinese, English, Pinyin (Might also want traditional characters)

There is little challenge to have the pinyin with the English, or with the Chinese... I must have it separate to be challenged.

Is there a site that makes this easy? quizlet appears to only offer a pair?


Not a website, but the AnkiDroid flashcards app can do this. The app is a bit fiddly to set up at first, but easy enough to use after that.

Be aware that as you start to learn more characters, you will run across different characters with the same pinyin, so when you see shi4, for example, you won't know whether it's 是 or 事 or a different shi4.

  • Good advice. The way I try to deal with that pronunciation to character is not one-to-one is to include a sentence. I need to be able to share this data set with students in my class...We have something setup on quizlet but it's a bit easy. – Aaron Peterson Jan 29 at 6:32

The popular app hanping chinese may solve your problem. It has option to export the words as front :- character , back:- meaning. Also It has Ankidroid integration which make it more useful. Please note that it is available in pro version. Make word list of desired category and export it to Ankidroid. enter image description here https://hanpingchinese.com/

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