Does anyone know the correct Chinese expression that goes something like no one would think you’re mute because you don’t speak? And how it’s correctly written in Chinese?

I’ve read the translation a few times and wanted to read the original words/see the characters. Thanks!!

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    "No one will think you're mute because you don't speak" sounds like a more natural translation to me, given the original Chinese meaning stated in the answers. – Vim Jan 31 at 13:30
  • Modified, thanks! – Chikat Jan 31 at 22:33

The one comes to mind:


你 can be omitted:


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the cantonese version is “唔出聲,冇人話你啞”

have fun :)

ng4 | 唔

shut1 | 出

seng1 | 聲

mo5 | 冇

yan4 | 人

wa6 | 話

nei5 | 你

a2 | 啞

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    Since we are having fun, how about putting the Cantonese pronunciation here for the benefit of non-Cantonese speakers? I can imagine people here trying to read that in Mandarin, especially 冇 – Wayne Cheah Jan 31 at 6:14
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    @ wayne cheah done 😸 – 水巷孑蠻 Jan 31 at 8:26
  • Thanks for the effort. – Wayne Cheah Jan 31 at 8:43
  • Thank you, @dan and @水巷孑蠻! This is such fun phrase to me. – Chikat Jan 31 at 22:35

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