Can anyone here read handwritten calligraphy and can tell me what this says please? It's on a porcelain plaque.


  • At some stage, we expect you to start learning how to read this yourself. – dROOOze Feb 9 at 3:03
  • I'm really trying to learn, but handwritten stuff is very difficult – amadeus Feb 9 at 3:04



彭澤令 implies 陶淵明 (Tao Yuan-ming) because he has been the 彭澤令 (Pen-ze county magistrate) and loved 菊花 very much。

菊花天 implies the autumn because 菊花 (chrysanthemum flowers) blossom in the fall.

珠山 implies the 江西景德鎮 because it is a famous hill there.

王倚 may be a mimic name of 王琦 who was a famous artist in the porcelain area several decades ago.

The stamp shows 王印, and the two characters have the inverse colors.

Hope to drink (wine) with Tao Yuan-ming in autumn.

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