I found a novel on my Kindle (喜欢你,我也是) which seem like a teenage romance, and seems fairly readable and interesting. I'm at the start, and thus far Zhang Kankan 张侃侃 and seems to have been tricked into a blind date with Tan Jin (thinking she's there to 补习); they're both teachers. Currently, Tan Jin seems to be confusing her.

It has the line:


I don't understand the part in bold. (It seems Tan Jin is also confusing me.)

"Oh?" Tan Jin suddenly (?) [倏忽之间] hooked the corners of his mouth (?) [勾了下嘴角], "Bankroller makes you do something, you do it, is this the meaning?"

Question: What does 谈晋倏忽之间勾了下嘴角 mean?

  • "倏忽之间" means "in a very short time" or "in the twinkling of an eye".
    – dan
    Mar 2, 2020 at 3:36

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倏忽之间: suddenly

For 勾了下嘴角 you could perhaps write: 轻蔑 or 冷笑

Tan Jin suddenly snarled,

"If the boss wants you to do then do it, is that what you mean?"

You could replace 倏忽之间勾了下嘴角 with either: 冷笑道 or 轻蔑地说道

谈晋冷笑道, : Tan Jin, with a sarcastic smile, said,
谈晋轻蔑地说道,Tan Jin disdainfully spoke,


勾了下嘴角 = it's just a literary expression to describe a facial expression when the speaker is about to say something sarcastic or something emotional, like in the sentence in question, “哦?谈晋倏忽之间勾了下嘴角..." = "Oh?, Tan Jin momentarily lifted the corner of his mouth..."

It's like the "raised eyebrow" while speaking indicating surprise or disapproval.


倏忽之间 = 快速地

it is literary way to say "just in a second" 勾嘴角 is just a face expression.

you need contexts to know why he did that.

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