In the board game of 围棋 (Go), many players tend to analyse skills and techniques used in a game right after they have completed it. This review is known as 复盘 in Chinese.

Is there a specific term in English which refers to the act of reviewing past games for skill acquisition?

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I would say the best translation here would be replay, as this is what actually happens: The game is being replayed in order to improve the own skill and analyse the tactics/strategy. Moreover, this is what Pleco offered as translation in the only available example sentence to this term:


Tā tōngguò fù pán gěi wǒ jiǎngjiě xià qí cèlüè.

He explains the tactics of chess to me by replaying the original situations of the chessboard.

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To rearrange pieces according to the previous sequence when a board game is over in order to study the merits and faults of the game.

As metters said, replay seems good, or review or as it says: study the merits and faults of the game

  • "Review" is okay. "Analyze" is what I'd normally say as a chess player (E.g. "Would you like to analyze the game?"). I feel "replay" is incorrect---a replay does not imply people are analyzing it; they could just be watching it.
    – Becky 李蓓
    Commented Mar 10, 2020 at 23:31

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