I encountered this word '道郡' while reading a story set an China's ancient times. I tried Baidu and got some names such as '怀道郡' and '狄道郡', so I think '道郡' may be an ancient counterpart to the modern word for 'county' (which is just 郡).

Can anyone give me an exact answer?

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    Fun fact, 道 is still used today in Korea and Japan as an administrative unit. 北海道 Hokkaidou is the only remaining 道 in Japan, and 道 is appended to each province in Korea. Mar 11, 2020 at 6:03

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“道“ & “郡” were administrative division name.

in 秦 dynasty, the country is divided into 36 “郡“, each one is roughly the size of a province nowadays.

enter image description here

in 唐 dynasty, the country is divided into 15 “道“, each one is about the size of a province today.

enter image description here

county is an acceptable translation; however, i prefer “province”, or “state”.

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