Wikipedia has a page entitled CJK Unified Ideographs Extension G.

  • I've installed BabelStone's BabelHan but coverage isn't 100%:

Unicode Block | Total Coverage Characters | Percentage | G-Source Coverage Characters | Percentage

CJK Unified Ideographs Extension G | 2,447 / 4,939 | 49.5% | 569 / 2,082 | 27.3%

How to display CJK Extension G?

  • I think you'll know the answer: find a font that covers all characters in it. If there is not any available now, then we can only wait, or make a font by ourselves. – fefe Mar 14 at 15:58

http://zhs.glyphwiki.org/wiki/Group:sim-ch_n5100 Here, download the font, cover 100% Ext-G

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You did well to install BabelStone Han: it has currently the best cover so far. The extension has just been released, and there have been no immediate fonts to match that. GlyphWiki.org contains all the glyphs but not yet combined in a font of Hanazono series. So the best think you can do for a while is to follow the development of BabelStone Han. (Or write to kawabata at https://github.com/kawabata and ask them to generate the new entry in the Hanazono-AFDKO fonts for Extension G.)

By the way, several of the high-profile glyphs are available elsewhere: if you need the 3106C “taito,” 30EDE/30EDD “biang,” or the character 30729 which was the only missing character for Korean names, they are available in Source Han Sans. (Only, I believe, not under their Unicode codes, but accessible through the composition by their IDS.)

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  • Yeah, I’ve already emailed Koichi Kamichi, I’ll see what he says. – user3306356 Mar 15 at 14:56

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