I bought some Chilean red wine on Taobao. Very nice! The company sent me a little, flat bottle of something containing 35% alcohol as a free gift.

On the label of the bottle it says:


Among the ingredients are:




if you have culture shock, you must be, well, . . . non-chinese 😸

the traditional folk “wisdom” is “以形補形” (roughly; eating particular animal’s organ to enhance one’s relevant organ)


do you fancy to have? 🙀 no lah. most likely, three of these, and other medicinal ingredients in thousands / millions of gallons of alcohol. then, a few hundred ml “distilled” into your bottle.

here’s a link of it’s tv commercial in 1980s, in english:


have fun :)

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  • Haha! Thanks for the link! My 鞭 OK, I will look for something containing 大脑! – Pedroski Mar 25 at 21:40
  • "...something containing 大脑!" --- 大小不重要 :) – Wayne Cheah Mar 26 at 2:09

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