I encountered 各司其职 in my textbook 发展汉语,高级口语(I) on page 19, so I'm attempting to whip up a CC-EDICT definition.

Question: What's a suitable CC-EDICT definition for 各司其职?

The definition the textbook gives is:


This translates to something like:

Everyone to the extent of their duty, performs well all undertaken work.

Based on this, my teacher's verbal descriptions, and Wiktionary and Baidu Baike, this is my attempt at a CC-EDICT definition:

各司其職 各司其职 [ge4 si1 qi2 zhi2] /each performs their own function or duty/

I'm hoping for a for a critique and improvements on this.

I'm not sure if "function" is a good choice here (but it's what Baidu Baike uses). I'm also unsure of this is just limited to humans, but could also refer to e.g. machinery (with each component performing its role).

CC-EDICT definitions and need to be high-quality (they're used in dictionaries all over the world). The whole dictionary is free to download. Submissions are reviewed prior to modifying the database. They have a specific syntax, e.g.:

中國 中国 [Zhong1 guo2] /China/Middle Kingdom/

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In Modern Chinese Dictionary 7ed (《现代汉语词典》第七版)




I would put it as

各司其職 各司其职 [ge4 si1 qi2 zhi2] /manages and performs one's own job respectively/

Hope my answer helps.

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