Both mean to use. However, sometimes you need both and sometimes you can simply say yòng 用.


謝謝你使用拼音 , thank you for using pinyin

謝謝你鉛筆 , thank you for using a pencil


Actually they are almost the same just like in order to vs to have same effect.

But 用 can only be verb , can a little bit simplify the sentence .

使用 and 用 have same mean in below block

用水 用工具 用他的東西 用電腦

使用水 使用工具 使用他的東西 使用電腦

use water ,use tools, use his stuff , use computer

使用 has more way to use.

使用手冊 使用時間 使用地點

Operation Manual , usage time , Use location

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