Typically I click 注册 = "register" to sign up for a new service on my phone. However, 登记 also seems to mean "register" in a similar sense. Searching on Jukuu.com:

Marriage without registration is not recognized by law.

Elementary school enrolment begins tomorrow.

They seem similar, but I don't think they're interchangeable. I'm not clear on this.

Question: What's the difference between 注册 and 登记?

(Note: The relevant question What are the differences between 报名,登记,挂号? doesn't cover 注册)

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注册 (register) can also mean "licensed" as in "注册医生" (licensed doctor), "注册执业" (licensed to practice)

We don't say 登记医生 (registered doctor) or to 登记执业 (register to practice)

When you 注册 on a system, you are officially registered/ enrolled or licensed

When you 登记 on a system, you are either officially registered/ enrolled or submitted an application

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