Would we literally say Friday morning (星期五早上) in Chinese or the morning of Friday (早上星期五)? Do we say the day first or the time of the day? Thanks, Soccergirl

  • I will vote up "星期五早上", we also add like "凌晨" "早上" "中午" "下午" "傍晚" "晚上" "半夜" from day to midnight. To describe it. – 高鵬翔 May 8 '20 at 9:17

In China, we usually use "xīngqí wǔ zǎoshang". 今天早上 明天早上 下星期一下午 We always put the time of a day after the day.


Friday morning is right

But xīngqí wǔ zǎoshang should be xīng qī wǔ zǎo shàng

  • Notes about the tones in your reply: The original tone for 星期 (xīngqí) "week", is the official standard in Taiwan. Also, 早上 should have a neutral tone in both standards. – Olle Linge Apr 13 '20 at 7:23

When referring to time, always say it before the verb. The order is:

Year/month/week -->

What day (今天/明天/昨天 or 星期幾)->

Time of day (早上/下午/晚上)->

Hour (幾點)


So the correct order would be, yes, 星期五早上.


The time in Chinese always goes from the biggest to the smallest. That is:

year > month > day > day of the week > period of the day > hour > minute > second

So, in your case, 星期五 xingqiwu (the day of the week) is bigger than 早上 zaoshang (the period of the day) and you should say:

星期五早上 xingqiwu zaoshang.

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