To improve my listening, I tried listening to 外交部告诫美方:敌人是病毒不是中国 from SZTV News (Shenzhen), 21 April 2020. Most of it has a transcription already, so I don't need that part. This is what I hear:



Would it be possible to correct this transcription please? (This time it's only 36 seconds worth of news.)

It says something like: Trump repeats attempt to shift the coronavirus blame to China, misleads the international community, and makes a fuss. In response, China says respect facts and science, and be aware that the enemy is coronavirus, not China. Western politicians and media join university students in arguing that China should pay compensation. Experts think that is not going to happen. The Czech president and Singaporean professor Ma Kai have put out refutations.

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Here I come!



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