According to https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E5%B0%94#Chinese

It is

this character https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E2%BA%88

It simply means knife but the wiktionary entry is very short.

Google translate says that it's meaning is indeed knife and it's read Dao.


According to http://zhongwen.com/bushou.htm

enter image description here

The hat character is ru that means enter. So which one is right?

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Don't think it's a knife. Maybe a handle??

尔 variant of 爾|尔

warping-wheel-er 尔爾 ěr (weaving not my strong point, not really sure what that is)

尔 seems to be the top part of 爾

Original meaning 本义: Meaning (orig) a rolled up spindle (now) meaning you.

你 Character decomposition 字形分解 [?]: Compound 你 older 儞

from person-left-ren 亻人 rén and

related phonetic warping-wheel-er 尔爾 ěr.


Both are right. 尒 is a variant of 尔, which is not used in modern Chinese any more. They just have different components on the top. Different components mean different things. Maybe you can see 尒 in vintage books.

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