Given the following address line


Which of it is the "street name", which the state and which the city?

I have to enter those fragments into a shipping address form. The available options for the state are as follows:

  • 北京市
  • 天津市
  • 河北省
  • 山西省
  • 内蒙古自治区
  • 辽宁省
  • 吉林省
  • 黑龙江省
  • 上海市
  • 江苏省
  • 浙江省
  • 安徽省
  • 福建省
  • 江西省
  • 山东省
  • 河南省
  • 湖北省
  • 湖南省
  • 广东省
  • 广西壮族自治区
  • 海南省
  • 重庆市
  • 四川省
  • 贵州省
  • 云南省
  • 西藏自治区
  • 陕西省
  • 甘肃省
  • 青海省
  • 宁夏回族自治区
  • 新疆维吾尔自治区

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There is no street name given. Nor is there a province name given (although we can deduce the province is Guangdong). What is given is:

Huìzhōu shì

The here means "city". We can deduce that Huizhou is in Guangdong Province (广东省, where means "province").

Huiyang District
Huìyáng qū

The here means "district", and in this case it's the Huiyang District; cities in China are broken up into areas called 区.

Qiuchang Town
Qiūzhǎng zhèn

The here refers to a town and the surrounding areas; or maybe it could be better called "subdistrict" or "residential district" (the Wikipedia page for Huiyang District calls it 秋长街道).

Baishi Village (White Stone Village)
Báishí cūn

The next level is a "village" , but it's not a village as a native English speaker would understand, but rather a "gated community" or an apartment complex.

The closest point I found on Baidu Maps is this village: 白石村.

Chaokun Industrial Park
Cháokūn chǎnyè yuán

The above means what it sounds like.

Santai Courier
Sāntài sùdì

This is the company name: SFC.

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    Fantastic, thank you so much. Apr 24, 2020 at 6:00

惠州市city belongs to Guangdong province(广东省) 惠阳区district 秋长镇town 白石村village 朝鲲产业园industrial park 三态速递company name

  • When shopping on China’s website, they usually require ask address in the format of “4 levels + street line”. Level 1 (Province): 广东省¶ Level 2 (City): 惠州市¶ Level 3 (District): 惠阳区¶ Level 4 (Town): 秋长镇¶ Street Line: 白石村朝鲲产业园三态速递¶ Meanwhile, thank @ThreveNine 379叁百七十九 for providing information.
    – Bósài
    Apr 24, 2020 at 0:58

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