What is the difference between 那 vs 呢 and where should I use it?

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    These two characters are not even similarly close to one another. Did you perhaps mean 哪 and 呢? 哪 can sometimes be used as a sort of modal particle at the end of sentences in a somewhat similar way to 呢. But again they're essentially quite different. Or did you maybe me whats the difference in pronunciation between na and ne? – Mo. May 16 at 13:19
  • Can you provide situations where these two words can be somewhat interchangeable? It is so hard to imagine a situation where you might mess up with these two words. – River May 18 at 1:15


1. Question words. Ex: Where is he? 他在哪兒? , How do I know?、我哪兒知道?

2. After the end of nasal rhyme. Same to . Ex: 天哪! (天啊!)

3. 哪吒:A fairy in a Buddhist story. In the novel, there is a story that the broken bones return to the parents and appear as the parents. Or called 哪吒三太子.


1.Whispering. Metaphor the euphemistic voice. Ex: 細語呢喃

2.Auxiliary word.

2.1 Show the problem. Ex: What should I do? 我該怎麼辦呢?

2.2 Show confirm. Ex: It's still early! 時間還早得很呢!

2.3 The tone of the expression stops. Ex: Although your travel plan is very attractive, but! I don't want to go at all. 雖然你的計畫很吸引人,可是呢!我一點都不想去。


1.Demonstrative pronouns. Ex: 那天那本書

2.Tone words that express acceptance and transition. Ex: If you have something to do, then I will find someone to go. 如果你有事要忙,那我就找別人去

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