I want to say there is a little bit/some water in the cup. Can I say either of these sentences to convey that message?



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这个杯子有一点儿水 (this cup has some water) sounds like 这个杯子 is the subject and it possesses some water

A better phrasing should be 这个杯子里有一点儿水 (inside this cup, there's some water)


一点儿水在杯子里 (some water inside the cup) lack a verb, thus make it an incomplete sentence

A better phrasing should be 有一点儿水在杯子里。(There is some water inside the cup)

  • 这个杯子里有一点儿水 emphasizes the cup (pay attention to the cup, there's some water in it)

  • 有一点儿水在杯子里 emphasizes the water (pay attention to the water, it is in a cup)

You can use either one

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