I recently learned a sentence: 大家都和關心也很在意這件事

However, don't both 關心 and 在意 mean the same thing -- to care about? Is there a difference?

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It should be "大家都很關心也很在意這件事"

When two different words have a shared definition, they can be used interchangeably in some context. See my answer to this question: Are there any two chinese words which can be used interchangeably?

關 = relate; 心 = heart

關心 : to be concerned; to worry about; care about


在 = in/at/on; 意 = mind

在意 : take notice of; care about; take to heart

If they can be used interchangeably, then you can also use them concurrently, to make them reinforce each other as synonyms


"大家都很關心也很在意這件事" "Everyone cares about and take notice of this"

The subtle difference:

  • 關心子女安危 (concern about the safety of one's children) expresses a more serious manner than 在意子女安危 (care about the safety one's of children)

  • 我不在意浣熊在我後園出沒。 (I don't care about raccoons coming and going in my backyard.) expresses a more casual manner than 我不關心浣熊在我後園出沒。 (I am not concerned about raccoons coming and going in my backyard.)

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