I am looking for a comprehensive guide of formal Chinese for business emails, memos, laws, newspapers, etc. I am aware that some sentence patterns are only used in a formal context. For example, ....均.. is used in a formal sense to mean "entire," but is rarely used in casual Chinese. I am also aware of the complex honorifics involved with business meetings such as 貴公司 etc. However, I can't seem to find any books that dive deep into the topic.

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[Possibly a duplicate of https://chinese.stackexchange.com/questions/23303/books-websites-for-learning-chinese-business-letters?rq=1 ]

Here there a lot of resources you can look: Resources for learning Mandarin Chinese

In particular, for business they recommend:

  • Business Chinese Learning Facebook Group There are a lot of posts about business Chinese vocabulary, job interview phrase, Chinese business culture and etiquette.
  • 新思路 (Business Chinese) series textbook

Moreover, searching online I came across the following books you could check:

Finally, I imagine working on improving your level of Chinese in general could also help you in formal situations.

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