A Chinese merchant sent me a parcel with an ordered item and unrelated five similar wooden sticks with white ropes attached:


I did not order those sticks and have no idea concerning the usage of these sticks. Can anyone translate the text on those sticks? What are these sticks good for? Thanks in advance.

  • Hi @Just_A_Man, currently the official stance in Chinese.SE is that questions asking for translation are off-topic, unless: 1) prior research effort is evident, 2) the translation is about ancient seals, paintings, cursive script and stamps where OCR is reasonably not an option. In your case, 2 is not applicable, since those are recognizable. Have you tried anything else to translate them? – blackgreen Jun 28 at 17:26
  • I just tried a couple free Chinese OCR tools online, but the result is abysmal... the font is probably too cursive – blackgreen Jun 28 at 19:46
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    Methods are explained here: How do I self-answer “What does this say?” – Becky 李蓓 Jun 29 at 0:15

Since OCR is probably not an option due to the cursive font, I'll give you some guidance. All strips show the same characters. It says:

line 1: 天然香樟木 natural camphor

line 2: 防虫,防蛀,防臭 anti-insect, anti-moth, deodorant

You now can also copy-paste the characters elsewhere to find out more.

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