It is possible to say:

三月初 (the beginning of March) 三月底 (the end of March)



You can also refer to:

年初 and 年底

But is there something you can use to convey the beginning or end of the week, for example "I am going to my parents house at the end of next week"?

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周末 zhōu mò : The weekend

周初 zhōu chū : The beginning of a week


  1. In general, 周末 refers to Saturday and/or Sunday clearly, while 周初 is a little ambiguous. 初 means "the beginning", and 周初 could refer to Monday or Tuesday or even Wednesday. You could say “星期三左右" to mean "days around Wednesday". ”左右"(zuǒ yòu) means "approximate,around, about".
  2. You could say “月末(=月底),年末(=年底=岁末),周末,期末(qī mò,= the last few days of a semester in school)",but don't say "期底" or "周底" or"岁底". That sounds wierd.

周末 is used for weekend (the end of the week)

星期一 (Monday) is usually referred to as the beginning of the week.

"I am going to my parents house at the end of next week?" can be translated as 下周末我去我父母家

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