A device is showing an error message to me. It is probably about a flash drive or a USB-stick. I'm trying to copy data from the device to a memory card. At first I had errors with drive formatting (which I could solve by automatic translation) but this message stays on the screen for a really short time and I can't get a good picture of it for the recognition algorithms. Can anybody help?

Error message

  • Hi Raul, just FYI in case you encounter the same issue again, this free OCR tool can identify those characters with 90% accuracy. It only mistakes the third one 测 for 现. I was expecting worse, but in fact it did a decent job even with your blurred image. – blackgreen Jul 24 at 19:55

The characters in your picture are:


USB-stick 1 is not detected.

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  • While it is normally acceptable to write answers in traditional characters to a question in simplified, in this case the OP is asking to recognize the specific characters shown in the picture, so it makes more sense to reply in simplified. – blackgreen Jul 24 at 19:44
  • @blackgreen We don't have a consistent policy for this (and it might be a good meta question). Personally, I would only enforce a standardisation requirement when we modify the title to include the identified characters, for searchability purposes only. The ability to accurately transcribe something from an image is actually quite difficult (see this). – dROOOze Jul 25 at 1:06

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