Consider the following picture:

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What does // mean here? I couldn't see it for example in shou4dao4, so it's not always there.


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Is pinyin notation for separable verbs and usually more specifically: verb-object phrases.

This is not just Pleco notation. Here's an except from the editorial notes of《四川方言词典》:

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And the extracted text:

  1. 多音节条目按词连写。无论词或词组,凡中间可插入其他成分的,动宾结构用“=”隔开,动补结构用“//”隔开。如“胎包袱 tai1 = bao1 fu2”、“捡顺 jian3//sun4”.

Here's an example of an entry that uses “//” from inside the same book:


And its extracted text:


《四川方言词典》uses "//" for verb-compliment constructions and "=" for V.O. constructions but these usages may have merged later.

I believe this notation has already been removed from Pleco though as it caused too much confusion for learners unfamiliar with this usage.

  • It's still in Pleco but it only shows if you have the PLC dictionary as the primary one.
    – gnucchi
    Commented Aug 19, 2020 at 20:48

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