From a news article 中国市场不能丢!苹果在华销量暴增225%,iPhone12或支持北斗导航 (10 August 2020), we typically see 显示 meaning "indicate":




In fact, I've become accustomed to seeing this 显示 sentence structure in news articles in general. Thus I was a bit surprised by ("to state") in the following:


I feel like there is a difference between 显示 and 称 here, but I don't know what it is. It's possible it's a grammar point I'm missing, or that there is a technical difference indicating something unverifiable (akin to when English news uses the word "allegedly").

Question: Why is 称 used instead of 显示 in the above sentence?

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显示 = indicate

消息显示 - The announcer observes the information that's available and provides a report to the audience

The source of the information may or may not have provided the material directly to the announcer

称 = announce/ claim

消息称 - The announcer directly relays the announcement or claim from the source of information to the audience

The source of the information has made the announcement/ claim itself


证据显示 - evidence indicates (evidence doesn't make claim)

发言人称 - the speaker claims (speaker announces, not indicates an announcement)

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