I don't understand 一事 in the following snippet:

《纽约时报》白宫记者Michael D。 Shear 8月20日报道称,美国总统特朗普在被问及前顾问班农被捕一事时表示:“我感觉非常糟糕。我已经有很长一段时间没有和他打交道了。我根本没有和他打过交道,对这个项目一无所知。对班农先生来说,这是很悲伤的事情,也很意外。”

Breaking apart the relevant part:


  • 美国总统特朗普 = "US President Trump"
  • 在……时 = "when" (short for 在……的时候)
  • 被问及 "asked to touch upon"; here I think 及 is short for 涉及 = "to touch upon".
  • 前顾问班农被捕 = "former adviser Bannon's arrest"
  • 一事 = "a matter" (???)
  • 表示 here basically means "said" (but more formal)

Question: What does 一事 mean in 美国总统特朗普在被问及前顾问班农被捕一事时表示?

I feel there's something to this, since 一事 is used in other contexts:

他设法把话题从他离婚一事上引开。 [source: YouDao]
他辩称路上人多而把迟到一事推脱得一乾二净。 [source: Jukuu]

It reminds me of when we say something like “十”这个字.


一事 is short for 這一件事 (this thing; this event; this matter)

In your post, '前顾问班农被捕' is the event

"前顾问班农被捕(一事)" = "(the event of) 前顾问班农被捕"




一事 can also be used literally as "one thing" (mostly in classical Chinese) e.g. 在下有一事相求 - There's one thing that I wanted your help

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