I wanted to add '大同世界' as an entry to a Chinese dictionary a group of editors and I are working at. At first, I thought 'Utopias' could be one of its definitions. But I searched 大同世界 on the net and found no reference that translates '大同世界' as 'Utopias'

Google Translate: 大同世界 --> Datong World

大同世界: 大同是中國古代思想,指人類最终可達到的理想世界,代表着人类对未来社会的美好憧憬。基本特征即为人人友爱互助,家家安居乐业,没有差异,没有战争。這种状态称为“世界大同”,此种世界又稱「大同世界」

大同世界: 描绘的大道之世,人人有德,人人敬老,人人爱幼,无处不均匀,无人不饱暖的理想社会。

Utopias: is an imagined community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its citizens

大同: Great Harmony; Great Unity; 世界: World

Question: What is the fundamental difference between 大同世界 and Utopias that preventing dictionary editors from equating the two terms?


From Google Translate:

Utopias -->烏托邦

理想邦 --> Ideal State

I often equate 烏托邦 with 理想邦, is that wrong too?


Sorry for my poor English, below are my understanding to 大同世界 and Utopias, hope this can help. 大同世界 is a perfect society people wish to achieve; Utopias is a place where people wish to find. Both world can mean a perfect place for the people.

大同世界 is more refer to the place where people share the same mind. The ultimate goal that the world without war, everyone can live happily, enough food etc. It is a world that people wish to achieve. For example, emperor want to make the world into 大同世界

Utopias is 乌托邦 in chinese, a 'perfect' place. However, everyone can have different definition to 'perfect'. For example, if emperor's goal is opposite of 大同世界, and only wish for war. Then when people find the perfect place without a war can be their utopias.

In general, both can mean the same where the 'ideal' place. But with 大同世界 you can only try to achieve it; with Utopias is referring to a place, and maybe you can find this perfect place.

Question: often equate 烏托邦 with 理想邦, is that wrong too? It is not wrong, 理想邦 can mean an ideal place. a 大同世界 and Utopias can be a 理想乡. Since both are a perfect place.

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  • if the emperor's goal is the opposite of 大同世界, and only wish for war. Then when people find the perfect place without war can be their utopias.-- Ah, the term comes to my mind for this is 世外桃園 (the land of everlasting peace and happiness) – Tang Ho Aug 26 at 9:19
  • So, to sum it up, 大同世界 is the perfect society people wish to create; 烏托邦 is the perfect society people wish to find.Correct? – Tang Ho Aug 26 at 9:32
  • Correct, that is what I meant. Hope below example can help: 大同世界 can be a really good stake house environment, and I am a steakhouse owner. I and my employees work hard to make my steakhouse to meet 大同世界. 乌托邦 can be a really good steakhouse, and one day i walk pass by to a really good steakhouse which meet my expectations. Then this steakhouse is my 乌托邦. – SCH Aug 26 at 10:04

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