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I have a beautiful scroll given to me and am trying to find out the history of the seal


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well, again, read from right to left, top to bottom. and, don’t fixated on regular script (楷書)

the top right character “一”, and the top left character “心” (in small seal script) are easy to recognise.

Next, the bottom right character, the left component is also a “心”, and I recognised the right component is “隹” (a bird); which made it “惟”.

So, the text is “一x惟心x”.

I known the verse “一切惟心”, a buddhism notion, I would guess the middle right character is “切”. See the link as proof.

The last one, the bottom left character, again, I recognised the right component “告”.

At this moment, my “free association” of it is “一切惟心造”, however, the right component did not like a “⻍“, or a “辵“ (radical 162)

The next inference is: it might be a variant (異體字). So, I would try these two sites, search for variants of “造”:

Voilà, the left component might be “舟”

Last, when the text is found to be “一切惟心艁”, I just google it as “一切惟心造”, and pick a simple, acceptable result, and interpret it in English.

“一切惟心艁” might be interpreted differently, according to the sect. Any further elaboration would be better asked in buddhism forum, imo.

have fun :)

  • Something like what Johann Goethe said , "Man is made by his belief. As he believes so he is" The Buddhist has a metaphysical concept that everything, including your own innate psychological make-up, even the Universe itself, is a product of one's mind -- "you think so you become...." Sep 3, 2020 at 9:33

I think it meant to say "一切唯心造" - "Everything is created by your mind".

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