I know the definition of both of these words are Sunday but in what context are they used?


周日 is formal(on TV news) and oral, 星期天 is mostly oral. 星期日 is what Cantonese use orally(Hongkong, Canton), mandarin hardly.

We also use 礼拜天(mandarin)礼拜日(Cantonese) orally a lot.

Most possible combination of is above. btw There is no 周天.


As a native speaker in mainland China, I don't agree with that 星期日 is hardly used.

1 周 星期 礼拜

周 and 星期 are both more commonly used than 礼拜. It's hard to tell which one is more formal. It's only a matter of personal habits varying from ages and regions.

2 日 天 for Sunday

周天 and 周日 both mean Sunday. 周天 is informal.

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