I've been sentence mining from Meteor Garden (2001) and I came across the sentence


Can someone help me figure out what does '别间' mean in that sentence?



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别 means "not this", in other words, it means "other"

间 is a quantifier for 大学
You need to add a quantifier between 别 and 大学 because you need a quantifier when you count an object

You can also use
别的大学, 别所大学
to express similar meaning


In that particular sentence, it simply means "other".

别 - can have many meaning, when used differently, if it is used only as a single word, it means "dont" or "no", if it is combine with other words, it can have different meaning

间 - can also have many meaning when used differently, it cannot be used as a single word as it could have no meaning, but it can pair with other words to form sentences or meaningful words.



As wada rightly wrote, “间 is a quantifier for 大学”

You could write:

The male students at (all) other universities are all plebeians.

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