I found a sentence in an article that says, "不知道大家是不是和我一样,从小就好爱看国外都明星街拍!"

I understand all the meaning of the sentence but can't understand what part 都 plays in the sentence. Any help will be useful.

Thank you!

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    Probably a typo for 的
    – fefe
    Commented Sep 3, 2020 at 5:47

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都 is in wrong position in your sentence.

"不知道大家是不是和我一样,从小就好爱看国外明星街拍!" is correct.


"不知道大家是不是和我一样,从小就好爱看国外(的)明星街拍!" is also correct.

国外都明星街拍 doesn't make sense.

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