I think this adjective (形容词 ) only exists in Cantonese? Google didn't return official dictionary website. 粤语里的“作状、单打”是什么意思?_百度知道


I stumbled this 形容词 in comment under 【廣東話】獲頒友誼小姐唔得閒慶祝 鄺美璇:覆咗成晚MSG - YouTube

反而覺得好作狀 尤其尾音

I think this means

On the contrary, this feels very 作狀. Especially final sound; last or end syllable.


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Half right...

CantoDic - 作狀

It means "dramatize" in English. It Mandarin Chinese meaning should be "忸怩作态" in my opinion.

The answer on Baidu Zhidao used dirty words and too colloquial.

So the translation of 反而覺得好作狀 is "But feel so fake".

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