This is Episode 603 of TVB's 後生仔傾吓偈. Here's context. 她 is Rosita Kwok, who cooked many desserts and foods for other contestants.

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擾:(v.) To disturb (打擾) or interfere (干擾)

敵:(n.) The enemy.

Literally it means to disturb the enemy.

However when the two words are put together the meaning is closer to "misdirect/undermine".


擾敵 is short for 騷擾敵人 (disturb; harass the enemy)

It is borrowed from military strategy and tactics term -- When the enemy is at rest, disturb him (to weaken him)

Other military strategy and tactics terms used in general conversation:

誘敵 short for 引誘敵人 (lure the enemy) - When you want the enemy to attack, lure him (into a trap)

欺敵 short for 欺騙敵人 (deceive the enemy)- use deception to mislead the enemy (to make wrong decision)

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