I don't understand these two characters in Miss Hong Kong 2020 contestant Rosanna Tse's IG post. At 18 she's youngest. She's thanking Miss Friendship, Maisie Kwong, who's 24.

Here's my translation of line 4. I presume 颠咗 means 傻了 in Cantonese.

Remember this silly girl was in front you posing sillyly 狂擺.

[4.] 望住個傻妹係你面前顛咗咁狂擺pose🤣🤣


The Mandarin counterpart of 颠咗 is 瘋了

颠咗咁 = 瘋了地 (like crazy)

狂 (adv): madly; like crazy (repeatedly; rapidly; in an indulgent manner)

擺 (v): strike / make

姿勢 (n): pose

颠咗咁狂擺 pose = rapidly striking poses like crazy

望住個傻妹係你面前颠咗咁狂擺 pose = watching the dumb girl rapidly striking poses like crazy

Other examples of 狂 as an adverb

喺日本食海鮮 - eat seafood like crazy (in an indulgent manner) in Japan

數對方十蛋 - score on the other team like crazy (repeatedly) for ten goals

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