ABC Chinese–English Comprehensive Dictionary (2003). I can't access the "slightly revised through July 2005" ed. p 726.

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Definitions 1, 3 don't fit the others. CUHK doesn't expound what semantic notions can fit all six. Yellowbridge.

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傾= to lean; to tilt

頃 is the phonetic component in this character, the meaning it contains is irreverent to the character, we can ignore it.

The radical 人 is the semantic part of the character -- "Man leans"

The meaning of 'to lean/ to tilt' in 傾 extended to everything else besides humans. For example, you can say a tower is 傾斜的 (tilted) even a tower is not human

The 'lean/ tilt' meaning extended to many other meanings, for example, to 'pour out' (when pouring wind, you need to tilt the bottle); 'overflow' (liquid pouring out from a container when it is too full and it is an overflow).

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