(Alternatively: 當然要衝一波囉) It shows up a lot on the web but I can't find the meaning of it anywhere. Thanks!

  • google and baidu both turned up 0 results when i searched for this phrase in quotes Sep 22 '20 at 2:39
  • @小奥利奥 google turned up results for me: google.com.tw/…
    – sept21
    Sep 22 '20 at 2:47
  • odd, now it wants to work.... Sep 22 '20 at 3:47
  • ok, so I didnt recognize some of those traditional characters. now that I've done a bit of research I think it is saying "of course this will cause a wave" where a wave refers to a commotion or big news Sep 22 '20 at 3:54
  • any context? Is it from a game or something?
    – dan
    Sep 22 '20 at 7:48

衝一波=rush forward So 要衝一波囉 means "let's do this!"


波 means 水波(sea wave), 一波 means 一次, 衝 is used for soldiers rushing to the enemy. The troops front is like a sea wave.

衝一波 means 'do something'


衝一波 means you are eager/willing/excited/ready to do something. It's informal and colloquial.


Q: 下個月在台北有五月天巡迴演唱會最後一場,去不去?
A: 那肯定要衝一波啊!

Q: 明天要不要跟隔壁班同學衝一波吃到飽?
A: 衝啊!

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