I am working on a video game with a Simplified Chinese translation. I'm not handling the translation myself, but I am working on importing the translated strings into the game's engine.

I know that there are certain characters that cannot start or end a line in Simplified Chinese, as I have found on this Wikipedia page. However, this page doesn't confirm or deny if this applies to non-Chinese characters mixed with Chinese characters in the same string.


One of the strings in the game renders like so:

enter image description here

The question I have is about the text below the black line:

enter image description here


Is it gramatically correct for non-Chinese characters (in this case "100") to be broken up by a line break?

If this is gramatically correct, is it also okay for non-Chinese/non-digit characters to be broken up by a line break? For example:


Would a line break be okay between "St" and "eam" ?

Thanks so much!


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It is not acceptable to break up 100 to 1 00 in any language

line break between 一百 is acceptable, but from a graphic designer's standpoint, it doesn't look professional

breaking up non-digit/non-Chinese characters. Such as "Steam" with a line break is also unacceptable

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