I found this popup browser dictionary: Zhongwen: Chinese-English Dictionary. Hovering the mouse over a character, it displays the translation and the pinyin:

enter image description here

Is there an app that gives this easy segmented translation and the pinyin of Chinese characters in Android?

Currently, I use Google translator but I have to copy every word and open the app for translating, which is not practical and too time-consuming.

Edit disclaimer: This question was closed and deleted as off-topic, because resources are off-topic on this site. However, I just now found an answer to this question and I believe it could be very useful for other users of this site learning Chinese (e.g. to communicate with other people, read from websites or read ebooks). So I will post it in an answer, I understand if the question is closed again.


I found the Pleco app manages to do this task using the (free) option Screen Reader:

enter image description here

For example, browsing online in a website:

enter image description here

If we press on the button , the app recognizes the characters and pressing on any character gives the pinyin and the translation:

enter image description here

You can even listen to the selected character or the whole text with the corresponding buttons: .

From my testings, this function works fine in Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook chat. But it does not work in Wechat or Facebook posts.

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