This question is about Comparative Sentences (比较句:A没有B)

So we have the following two sentences:

  • 爸爸的手机2000 块。
  • 哥哥的手机6000 块。

The assignment is to make these into one sentence using the A没有B structure and the character .

Is the following answer correct? Or is there something wrong with this sentence please:


Or should you repeat 的 at least? ->


Or should you always repeat the structure from the first half completely? ->



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The comparison is between [the father's cell phone] and [the brother's cell phone]

爸爸的手机没有哥哥贵 would mean "my father's cell phone is not as expensive as my brother"

Either "爸爸的手机没有哥哥的手机贵" or "爸爸的手机没有哥哥贵" would be correct


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